All in time


All in Time

Continuing on with the subject of reclaiming and turning a blank canvas into a beautiful thing.

Or, in this case, a house and property into a home and garden.

So, after we started the reclamation project with the bedroom, that established some great momentum. We both saw what could be done.

That was probably most helpful for the homeowner, who had lived so long in his crowded, neglected place that he had lost the ability to see it as anything else. Once he saw the change that happened in his bedroom, he got a glimpse of what could happen in the rest of the house.

Still, it was overwhelming for him. And almost so for me, except I had the advantage of a fresh pair of eyes, and I lived somewhere else, which meant I wasn’t surrounded by this environment 24/7.

The next time I came back we tackled the garage. We had to do that. We had to sort out there, consolidate, organize, and re-arrange to make room for stuff that needed to come out of the house.

As an aside, that was actually the biggest challenge at first—knowing what needed to be done first and second and third. And identifying the priority moves even when it would have been initially more satisfying to work on the secondary stuff.

So, we did the garage. Which meant that then we could go back into the house and work on the living room.

The living room was almost wall-to-wall with things. Not trash, not garbage. Just things. Furniture. Instruments. Boxes. Paperwork. Clothes. Etc. Etc.

Little by little, we reclaimed the living room. Moved some things out to the space in the garage that we had just opened up. Took boxes out to the garage and put them in the attic. Moved stuff from the middle of the room to places where they made sense. Got the dirty laundry into hampers in the laundry room.

Also—I opened the curtains and let light in. That right there made a ton of difference.

Once the living area actually looked like a living area, the place started feeling like it was on track to be a home again.

The guy said so himself, and I could see the energy and vision that gave him.

So far all of the work has been with the existing stuff and clutter. As that is getting under control, it’s freeing up mental space for imaging how to arrange furniture and even do some decorating.

It’s all about doing things in a logical progression. You can’t hang pictures on the walls when the house is in disarray. Well, you could, but it wouldn’t make sense because you’d have to move the pictures after you had moved the furniture around.

The outside of the house is truly a blank slate. It’s just grass, right up to the house. There’s so much that can be done out there. It just involves a bit of design, getting some plants and maybe a tree or two, and some mulch, and then installing it all. You can so transform a home exterior with some intelligently placed plants!

I’m looking forward to jumping into that as well. But as priorities go, it’s last. The inside of the house has to be done first.

All in due time.


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