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Hey, how’s it going? Welcome to my blog. I’m glad you stopped by and I hope you stay awhile and browse around. Lots of good stuff here to read, especially if you’re interested in exotic animals—which is my business. I’m Marcello and I’ve always been interested in animals and especially in unusual ones. I decided to turn that interest into a vocation, and out of college I started a business importing exotic animals. My degrees are in animal science so it wasn’t a huge leap to go into work with exotics. Somewhere along the line I started this blog as a way to record some of the things that were happening in the context of my business. I thought I had a great domain name: emuwarestore. It looked perfect until I realized I had misspelled emu and it was eru! Dang! But anyway, I didn’t spend time crying about that. It is what it is. So instead of emuwarestore, it’s […]